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My Systems!

I currently have ~25 computers lying around either. I'll list the currently and recently active systems here.

Hostname Brand and Model OS Current Role Origin Picture
Ruby Home Built Windows 10 Main PC! Self Built Coming Soon!!
Chika HP EliteDesk Debian Primary Hypervisor Ebay Coming Soon!!
Honoka Acer Veriton Windows Server 2022 Server 2022 Testbed A previous job no longer wanted this, saved from the trash. Coming Soon!!
Sanae Dell Optiplex 7020 Proxmox Secondary Hypervisor Ebay, first PC for VRChat! Coming Soon!!
Eiki-ML110 HP Proliant ML110 Windows Server 2003 Server 2003 Testbed Salvaged from previous job Coming Soon!!
Cirno-1 Dell Latitude D600 Windows XP Professional Main XP Laptop Found at Goodwill as a "scraptop" Coming Soon!!
Okuu-D600 Dell Latitude D600 Windows Codename Longhorn Build 4074 Keeping Longhorn Alive! Ebay Coming Soon!!
2008 MacBook Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server Mac Server Testbed Found in an attic. Coming Soon!!
Dell Optiplex GX110 Windows 2000 Professional Old PC for Old Windows Ebay, apparently came from some CPS department. Coming Soon!!